what do we believe? 


Quakers are cautious about creeds and statements of faith. So, if you are looking for something concise...well, I'm afraid you will be disappointed! The reason Quakers are cautious about creeds is that early Quakers found them to be too limiting to the active work of God. Quakers emphasize that God is still speaking and working in our lives, we are continually listening to the Spirits voice. Sometimes we can lean too heavily on statements of faith, which can limit God's continued work. Instead of creeds we have put together "advice and queries." These help us communicate what is important to us, while still being invitational. We use Queries  as a way to to think more deeply about these important things!



"Life is meant to be lived from a Center, a divine Center - a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It takes no time, but occupies all our time." -- Thomas Kelly



Friends know that spiritual authority is derived from the inward work of God's Spirit.


Outreach & Witness

Friends believe that a mission of the Christian church is to love all, including ourselves and our enemies...



Friends believe the same Spirit which gave forth the Scriptures is available in our lives today.


9 Core Quaker Beliefs

Our Friends at QuakerSpeak put together this great video summarizing 9 core Quaker Beliefs