We stand with our friends at First Unitarian Portland...

We at First Unitarian Church of Portland share the heartbreak of our nation at the escalating violence of gun terror in the United States. If you are in need of community and solace, you are warmly welcome to worship with us this morning at 10:15.

Since we last worshipped together, 53 people have been killed in mass shootings in our country. We mourn their lives, we denounce hate and terrorism, and we especially decry the growing racist vigilantism and toxic fragility that has emboldened the perpetrators to commit such atrocities.

We pray that we may each, and collectively, find the strength and clarity to engage in the real actions that might reverse this epidemic: enacting rigorous gun legislation, building resilient and connected communities, and engaging with all those who feel isolated, disempowered, and embittered to bring them back in to loving relationship with themselves and the world before they act on their hatred and fear. May we find in ourselves and our communities the strength and the faith to work for a better world. Amen.

- Rev. Mira Mickiewicz

Mark Pratt-RussumComment