Advice and Queries on Outreach & Witness: 

In every person's heart is a deep spiritual hunger. Our experience is that this hunger can only be fulfilled in a personal relationship with God, and that knowledge of Quaker faith and practice can provide people with the framework for developing that relationship.

We are called to reach out and witness to others, helping them learn to walk with God. Conversion means turning to God; it is both an event and a life-long process. Its goal is Jesus' vision of the kingdom of God.

Friends believe that a mission of the Christian church is to love all, including ourselves and our enemies, and to share with others the Good News, namely that God's love is unconditional and that God's grace is abiding. Effective outreach presents an energizing, exciting and challenging vision of the Good News. This vision is best demonstrated through transformed lives and loving hearts.


How does your life reflect God's love and grace to others?

Do you ask God to show you ways to spread the Good News? In what ways is God prompting you to witness?

Do you welcome and introduce yourself to inquirers and visitors to our meeting? How do you encourage their continued attendance and participation?