Q. What Should I wear? 

A. Please, wear whatever is comfortable! Folks at WHF don't dress up, you can expect to see people dressed casually! 

Q. I have children, what is available for them on Sunday mornings?

A. More than anything, we want your children to be comfortable! If they'd rather stay with their mama and papa we completely support that decision! We have some art supplies available to them in the hallway outside the worship space. Feel free to stock them up with whatever makes them happy and don't be worried if they are making noise! If they'd like to join the other children for activities we have a couple options. If you have a newborn, infant, or toddler (up to three) they are welcome to hang out in our nursery (Located in the hallway just behind the worship space, so you'll be very close to them) as soon as they are ready, and can be dropped off as early as 9:50am. We have a wonderful nursery care worker named Kelly who will help you feel welcome! Both the pre-K aged children and K-5 children, they will be dismissed from service around 10:20am. They will go to their classrooms in our "community building" located directly behind our meetinghouse. The pre-K children have their own classroom, and the K-5 children gather in another room. For more specific information about the classrooms be sure to check out our children & youth page here: 

For more information about the children's program be sure to contact Mark Pratt-Russum at mark@westhillsfriends.org 

Q. Where should I sit? 

A. Anywhere you want! We promise, no one is territorial with their seats. Find a spot you feel comfortable in! 


Q. Is the building wheelchair accessible? 

A. Yes! We keep the front parking area open for people who need wheelchair access. About midway on the sidewalk there is a small ramp cutout for access. We do not have steps into our front doors, and is easily accessible. Our other building (which is called the "community building") has two entrances. One entrance has steps and the other entrance does not. The entrance without steps is easily accessible and close to a handicap parking spot. 

Q. I need hearing assistance, do you have anything for me? 

A. Yes! We have personal amplification systems for people in need of hearing assistance. You can ask the greeter at the door to help you locate the devices (they are close to the sound board, and you can always ask the person sitting at the sound board for assistance). We have also trained everyone to use a microphone when speaking! So even during "open worship" you will be able to hear what people are saying. 

Q. I know nothing about Quakers, what can I expect?

A. We have a couple sections here on our website to help you know what to expect! Pages like: Who are we, and What are Quakers? Can you get going! 

Q. Ok, you didn't answer my question, now what? 

A. Sorry about that! Send us a message with your question and we will get back to you ASAP. Send us a message here: Contact Us