Statement on Human Sexuality (2008)

We approach the topic of human sexuality with humility and compassion. We recognize that church statements on sexuality have often been hurtful and shaming. We do not express our ideals in order to condemn others. Rather, we hope to remind ourselves of what we have found to be our deepest truth: sexuality is a gift to be celebrated and treated with respect.

We believe that human sexuality is a gift from God. With that gift comes the responsibility to be thoughtful stewards of our sexuality. It is our sense that intimate sexual relations are most healthy when partners intend to be in a monogamous, life-long relationship characterized by the values of mutual respect, love and devotion. I Peter 3:8 calls us to "live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble." I Corinthians 13:4 explains that "love is kind and does not seek its own interests."

Sexual practices that are non-consensual, indiscriminate, predatory, dehumanizing, or violent in nature are always harmful.


At this time, what does it mean for you to value the gift of sexuality?

At this time, what does it mean for you to treat the gift of sexuality with respect?

How do you support Friends in developing and/or maintaining positive sexual relationships that draw them closer to God?

How do you open yourself to God's leading as you make decisions and choices that affect your sexual being?

How do you hold in the Light those whose beliefs and practices are divergent from your own?