NWYM Elders Request 

A delegation of YM Elders met with leaders from West Hills Friends in October, 2012. This is the minute from that gathering:

On October 18, a delegation from NWYM Elders met with a delegation of leaders from West Hills Friends. Yearly Meeting Elders expressed their concern about language in the WHF "Advice & Queries" that is out of compliance with "Faith and Practice."

Elders asked WHF to consider revisiting their language around same-gender sexual relationships. West Hills Friends is assured that their leading to welcome LGBTQ people is not at issue. West Hills Friends has agreed to look again at the language they've chosen to express their leading.

The NWYM Elders remain committed to the basic position of "Faith & Practice," and are naming a subcommittee to reword our statement on sexuality, to season it with grace.