Whether the words are spontaneous or prepared, those who speak faithfully in worship can enrich our collective work of listening. To keep the focus on our Inward Teacher, we ask those bringing a prepared message to follow these guidelines:

Speak for 10-12 minutes.

Remind us that you are one person, speaking from the context of your own experience. To this end, please introduce yourself (e.g. "I've been attending WHF for x years" or "I was invited to speak by the Peace Committee"). Instead of speaking in absolutes, tell us what your topic means to you. Speak from your heart. Read Scripture in a way that leaves room for other interpretations than your own. Provide us with queries, so we are encouraged to do the work of discernment for ourselves.

Let your message be a gift. Think beyond the content of your message to how your words will inspire others and strengthen the bonds of community.

If your message may be inappropriate for children, the content may also be a trigger for some adults. If your topic needs to be handled with sensitivity, please inform a pastor or an Elder so that we may make appropriate accommodations for all.

If you feel called to bring a message that doesn't fit within these guidelines, please talk to Mike.