Letter of Noncompliance 

The Elders of NW Yearly Meeting provided this "Letter of Noncompliance" to West Hills Friends on July 25, 2013.

Dear Elders of West Hill Friends Church,

The NWYM Board of Elders has considered your responses to our inquiries regarding your statements and practices in the area of human sexuality. We have found you to be out of compliance with Faith and Practice. We feel the non-compliance has risen to the level where it is shattering to the Yearly Meeting. When such a situation exists, we are charged by Faith and Practice to intervene.

We have developed an internal document to guide the intervention process. In accordance with that document, we are establishing a sub-committee to work with you to seek your return to compliance.

We are providing you with a copy of our process document, and encourage you to review it and discuss any questions about it with your sub-committee.

We recognize that this action may seem punitive, but our goal for this process is restorative -- to return West Hills Friends to full fellowship and harmony with NWYM.