Care Committees

Group discernment is at the heart of Quaker process. It's how we do worship. It's how we make decisions as a community. We can also use group discernment to support an individual. Care Committees involve 3-5 people. Groups meet once per month. Meetings generally last 90 minutes to two hours.

People may seek the support of a Care Committee when they are changing careers or starting school. It might be after they have received a life-changing medical diagnosis. It might be as they follow God's leading into a new area of service. Any time someone needs help staying spiritually grounded, they may request the support of a Care Committee.

If you are discerning whether or not a Care Committee is right for you, please look at Requesting a Care Committee. This page outlines the steps to take in preparation for a Care Committee. Even if you decide not to convene a Care Committee, you may find some of these questions helpful to your own discernment process.

We don't assign a Facilitator to every Care Committee because we expect one person to be the most capable. The Facilitator plays a role: he or she is mindful of how the group is functioning as a group. Even if you are not serving as a Facilitator, please consider taking a look at Facilitating a Care Committee. Doing so may deepen your understanding of how the group can best work together.

Request a Care Committee

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