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Threshing Meeting: Pastoral Transition

At the July pastoral discernment meeting, there was strong interest in looking at hiring an interim pastor. The August meeting will examine this idea in more detail by looking at items such as key job tasks, full-time versus part-time employment, and interim length. Depending on the ideas and issues raised during this meeting, a recommendation will be brought forward to the business meeting.

There were other important discussions at the July threshing meeting.  If you missed it, notes from recent threshing meetings are available on the back counter in the pastoral discernment notebook. That notebook also has space where you can share your thoughts about pastoral discernment items or our process. We appreciate your feedback.

Threshing meetings give us an opportunity to discuss ideas in detail without the pressure of making a decision. Business meetings are the place where we listen collectively to God and each other to work toward a decision aligned with God's leading. All are welcome at threshing and business meetings whether you have attended for years or are new.  

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Are You New at West Hills?

If you've ever traveled to a new place you know that you often show up uncertain, and with tons of questions. It can be hard to arrive at that new place and not know how to have your questions answered. We want to create a space for you where you can feel welcome to ask whatever questions you may have! So, Mark Pratt-Russum will be in the back room at Maplewood Coffee & Tea waiting for you and hoping to answer some questions for you and help you feel more welcome at WHF. Let him know if you are coming!


This is Mark

so you know who to look for :) 

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