WHF Home

If you'd like to volunteer, please add your name to the signup sheet in the hallway. We need at least one volunteer every Sunday, but feel free to volunteer as a group if you'd like to share this work with others.

Consider volunteering as a committee, if your group is doing something after worship. Sometimes, people volunteer for snack time as a way to celebrate an important event.

Clean-up guidelines are posted in the kitchen. Please make sure that everything is in order before you leave. Thanks for helping!

If you have questions about the coffee maker, supplies or cleanup routine, please talk to Rachel Hampton.

Snack Time

At WHF, we love snack time. Gathering for a bite to eat helps fuel our social time. It also helps us stay energized for discussions or events after worship.

The menu could be anything you like. We love bagels & cream cheese, pita & hummus, raw vegetables, cookies, crackers & cheese, chips & salsa, Sesame donuts, marshmallows, artichoke dip, quiche bites, and just about anything else you might choose to bring. This crew likes to eat!

We keep a few bags of fair trade coffee in the freezer. We also provide coffee filters. The coffee maker keeps a supply of hot water, so coffee can be made quickly. Making coffee is easy, but it won't happen unless we have a volunteer (someone who is also willing to help with cleanup!).