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We believe it's important to involve the whole community in these celebrations. That's why we schedule wedding and baby showers on a Sunday, immediately following meeting for worship. This spares Friends who travel from the outskirts of Portland from making a second trip to the meeting house, later in the week.

Serving really good food is part of our celebration. We would love your help with snacks. Want to make something delicious? Please let us know!

Of course, getting married is a milestone in the life of any couple. Having a new baby is a milestone for any family. But these are also milestones in the life of our community. When couples commit themselves to one another, when a new life begins, we gather to celebrate the joy we all feel together.

On these occasions, Friends are invited to provide gifts. Some gifts are practical. Some gifts are just for fun. No gift is required. The priority is that we gather as a community to celebrate.