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We can feel powerless to help those who are ill, sorrowful or grieving. Consider asking, "Would you like my church to pray for you?" Sometimes, this is a meaningful gift.

Prayer is an important part of our life together.

Quakers often describe prayer as, "holding someone in the Light." That word, "holding," conveys a sense of intimacy. That is our experience of prayer: In praying for others, we often feel drawn closer to them. Empathy is one gift of prayer.

It also feels like a gift to know that others carry our concerns into their communion with God's Spirit. We often hear people say, "I could feel that people were praying for me."

During our meetings for worship, we take time to share our Joys & Concerns with one another. We also have an email list for those who seek prayer between our meetings for worship. If you'd like to be on the list of those who receive prayer requests, please see Mike.

If you would like to send a prayer request through our prayer chain, you may use the email address at the bottom of this page.