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First Word

During this time, Friends take 3-5 minutes to reflect on some aspect of their spiritual journeys.


From week to week, we enjoy different music leaders. As leaders change, so does the style of music.


Someone reads a passage of Scripture and a prepared message.

Open Worship

In the silence, we open ourselves to God's guidance. As we listen together, the Spirit may direct one of us to sing, speak or pray aloud.


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What to Expect in Joys/Concerns

Our relationship with God nudges us toward deeper relationships with one another. In fact, Scripture teaches us to measure our relationship with God by the way we treat one another (consider Matthew 25:31-45 and I John 2:9-11).

As you listen to other people express their joys & concerns, please consider offering a prayer -- even as you continue to listen. Your prayer can be short. Words may not be necessary. Simply offer each situation into God's loving care.

Sometimes, what another person shares may trigger an emotional response in yourself. Invite God to speak to you through your discomfort. What is this situation teaching you?

When you speak, please keep the focus on yourself. If you ask the meeting to pray for a person you know, or for a situation in the world at large, let us know why this is a personal concern for you.

Please be mindful of others' privacy. If you are talking about someone else, it may be more respectful to solicit prayer for "a medical concern" than to describe his or her situation in detail. After all, the extra detail doesn't make our prayer more effective.

Please be careful to guard the reputation of your children (and other members of your family).

Please remember there are other ways you can ask for prayer. If you need more time to formulate your request, feel uncomfortable speaking in front the group, or sense your request may not be appropriate for all listeners, you are invited to seek out the Elder who closed worship today or to contact Mike to activate the "prayer chain."

Consider limiting yourself to a single joy or concern. Consider how to express yourself concisely before you speak. Brevity helps create the space for others to speak.

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To email a prayer request through the WHF "prayer chain," please contact Mike any day of the week.