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Although we're against war, our commitment to peace transcends military policy. It is our testimony that following Christ changes the way we see people. We no longer see them as enemies, but as brothers and sisters.

The Peace Committee works to keep the community informed. They also provide us with opportunities to take action for the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict.

Kay Ellison is clerk of the Peace Committee.

The Peace Committee reports to the business meeting.

Modoc War
Quakers & Nazis
Barclay on War

African Great Lakes Initiative
Christian Peace Teams
Coalition Stop Gun Violence
Gun Victims Action Council
Jewish Voice for Peace
NWYM Peace & Justice Blog
Campaign against Torture
Ramallah Friends Center
War Resisters League

The Peace Committee meets at 9:00am on the second Sunday of the month, before meeting for worship.

Peace Month
Vancouver Peace Fair

Peace & Light
First Stone
Biblical Peacemaking 1
Biblical Peacemaking 2
War Preparations
Minute on Torture
Minute on Immigration
Kairos Document