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The Pastoral Care Committee meets on the Monday following the last Sunday of the month (if Sunday is the last day of the month, then the committee would meet on Monday the 1st).

The Pastoral Care Committee would love to receive any postage stamps or greeting cards with envelopes that you'd like to donate.

The Pastoral Care Committee is a working committee. Each month, we gather to express the love and concern we feel for those who have asked for prayer during the previous weeks. By having each member of the committee write a brief note on the greeting card, we give a "community reply" to each person who has opened his or her life to us.

Many of those who serve on the Pastoral Care Committee are glad for a task that doesn't involve weighty discernment. All of that writing can take its toll, but we are enriched by the experience of expressing the love we feel for the people in our community.

If this work sounds appealing to you, why not get involved with the Pastoral Care Committee?