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This job description for our Nursery Worker was developed in 2012.

Nursery Worker

We expect the Nursery Worker to be a consistent presence in the lives of children in his or her care. For this reason, we ask the nursery worker to be present every Sunday.

The Nursery Worker will be the most identifiable face of our nursery program. It is vitally important that someone in this position conveys a sense of hospitality to our little ones and parents. As people arrive for worship (9:45-10:00), we expect the Nursery Worker to greet parents warmly. As babies and toddlers come into the room, we expect the Nursery Worker to actively engage them. This means holding infants, getting onto the floor with toddlers, etc. Engaging the little ones during drop-off will make it easier for parents to leave the nursery without a fuss.

During meeting for worship (10:00-11:30), the Nursery Worker will continue to provide active, loving and patient care for babies and toddlers. As needed, she or he will change diapers (making use of supplies from the appropriate diaper bag when supplies have been provided). Some toddlers may be potty trained, or need a reminder to visit the toilet during their time in the nursery. The Nursery Worker will also provide snacks, and otherwise care for the physical needs of the little ones.

Each Sunday, the Nursery Worker will work with a volunteer from the church. The volunteer provides a second pair of hands, to keep all children actively engaged. This is especially important when the nursery is full and when there are newborns AND toddlers in the nursery together. If the Nursery Worker and the volunteer agree that no volunteer is needed that day (because so few children are in the nursery), the volunteer may leave. Volunteers who leave in this way are expected to check back with the Nursery Worker in 10-15 minutes, to make sure conditions haven't changed. Also, if another parent decides to stay in the nursery with his or her child, this parent may take the place of the volunteer scheduled for that day (provided the parent is on the list of approved nursery volunteers). A parent who takes on the role of volunteer is expected to focus on all the children and fulfill all the responsibilities of a nursery volunteer.

The Nursery Worker will communicate with each parent at pickup (11:30-11:45). Parents appreciate updates about feedings, diapers, and other events of note. Little ones will only be released to a familiar parent. When the children have been returned to their parents, the Nursery Worker is expected to clean toys and surface areas. S/he will also verify the inventory of all cleaning supplies and snacks.