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The music committee is "instrumental" to our meetings for worship. They schedule who will lead music in the coming month. They also make sure our sound equipment is ready for use.

"Coffee House" gatherings allow musicians to introduce songs that might not fit in the context of worship. It's also an opportunity for the community to enjoy hot beverages and tasty snacks. In addition to this in-house opportunity for music appreciation, the music committee promotes musical happenings in the Portland area or wider fellowship of Friends.

The music committee reports to the business meeting.

Quakers & Music
Music in Worship

Haverford College
Nate Macy
Jon Watts

The music committee conducts some of its business by email. They meet on Sundays or Wednesdays, on an irregular schedule.

Quaker Music Fest
Christmas Eve Worship
Coffee House

As they become available, worship songs written by musicians in WHF community will be posted here for download.