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First Word

During this time, Friends take 3-5 minutes to reflect on some aspect of their spiritual journeys.


From week to week, we enjoy different music leaders. As leaders change, so does the style of music.


Open Worship

In the silence, we open ourselves to God's guidance. As we listen together, the Spirit may direct one of us to sing, speak or pray aloud.

Joys & Concerns

We believe God has called us to live in authentic community. Each week, we take time to share our lives with one another.

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What to Expect from the Message

Whether the words are spontaneous or prepared, those who speak faithfully in worship can enrich our collective work of listening. To keep the focus on our Inward Teacher, we ask those bringing a prepared message to follow these guidelines:

Speak for 10-12 minutes.

Remind us that you are one person, speaking from the context of your own experience. To this end, please introduce yourself (e.g. "I've been attending WHF for x years" or "I was invited to speak by the Peace Committee"). Instead of speaking in absolutes, tell us what your topic means to you. Speak from your heart. Read Scripture in a way that leaves room for other interpretations than your own. Provide us with queries, so we are encouraged to do the work of discernment for ourselves.

Let your message be a gift. Think beyond the content of your message to how your words will inspire others and strengthen the bonds of community.

If your message may be inappropriate for children, the content may also be a trigger for some adults. If your topic needs to be handled with sensitivity, please inform a pastor or an Elder so that we may make appropriate accommodations for all.

If you feel called to bring a message that doesn't fit within these guidelines, please talk to Mike.

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Some prepared messages and "first words" are available as audio files. To see what's available, please visit our SoundCloud page.

Please see Mike or one of the Elders if you'd like to schedule a date for bringing the message.

If you enjoy reading these stories, you'll love our collective journal. Please visit Minding the Light.

Message Archives

Sounds of Silence (Greg; 2012)
Silence and speaking from silence.

Returns (Mitch; 2009)
Something lost may be returned to us

God's Messenger (2009)
God speaks through unlikely sources.

The Dark Forest (2009)
Can one big fear rescue you from all others?

Humility Series (2008)
A series of messages on humility.

Counting on Numbers (2008)
Some stories can't be told with numbers.

This Old House (2008)
Love is not an investment strategy.

Award Ceremony (2008)
Everyone is included if God is given credit.

Brother Ass (2007)
What is your body trying to say?

Kafka's Good Dead (2007)
Is anyone listening?

Simplicity & Worry (2007)
Learning to trust is revolutionary.

Care for the Alien (Mitch; 2005)
Don't expect aliens to be like you.

Little Days of August (2007)
History changes one day at a time.

Puzzle & Mystery (2007)
Puzzles have answer; mysteries don't.

Living with Cancer (Rosalie; 2007)
Suffering doesn't make us noble.

Life of Prayer (2006)
Even perfect moments need to change.

How Are You? (2006)
Self care as a gift to others.

Northern Lights (Greg; 2005)
The illusiveness of God's presence.

Baptism of Jesus (2003)
Why does Jesus ask to be baptized?

Exploding Fruit (2003)
Changing the fruit we produce.

Vending Machine (2002)
Some choices require commitment.

Drawing the Line (2002)
Learning to live without lines.

The Orchard Fence (2002)
Putting down roots helps us bear fruit.

Peace & Light (2001)
Quaker alternative to the Boston Tea Party.

Water Works (2001)
Living water and what its various containers.

First Stone (2001)
Releasing the tools of violence.

Routine Darknesse (2000)
Adjusting to the Light can be painful.

Milkweed (1999)
You'll understand more when you land.

Lost in Space (1999)
The next step is the hardest.

Crossing Over (1997)
The journey changes us.