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NOTE: Those potential members who are interested in transferring their membership from another Friends church may schedule a meeting for clearness without taking the 'Quaker Mysteries' seminar.

Membership Process

After a person expresses an interest in membership, her or his name is raised at the next Elders' meeting. At that meeting (held monthly), the Elders will select delegates to meet with the potential member.

Those who express an interest in membership will be contacted by an Elder, confirming that the potential member is 'officially' in the process. This outline will be reviewed with this contact.

Those who express an interest in membership should attend 'Quaker Mysteries Revealed.' This seminar is held once per quarter. The seminar provides a survey of Quaker history, theology and practice. A tasty lunch is provided free of charge, and childcare is often available if requested

After the potential member has taken the membership class, a meeting for clearness will be scheduled. This meeting will be attended by the potential member and two Elders. The clearness meeting is not meant to elicit certain 'right' answers from a potential member, but is a meeting for worship, where those involved can seek God's guidance in the matter of membership. Because they are helpful questions, we ask the following:

a. Are you in unity with the ways of Friends?

b. Do you experience the presence of Christ in your life?

c. Do you acknowledge God's authority over your life?

Again, the goal is not to demand certain dogma. However, because these questions are meant to get at something vital, the answers will be regarded as significant.

A report from the meeting for clearness will be given at the next Elders meeting.

When the Elders are clear, they will make a recommendation to the Meeting for Business.

Names of people being recommended for membership will be listed in the agenda, prior to the Business Meeting.