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As clerk of the Children's Council, April M. helped us articulate what we want our children and youth to learn from their experience at WHF. This discussion took place over a two-day conference in 2007.

To the right, you can see a list of general themes that emerged from the process. Below each theme are additional comments that represent small group discussions along the way to the final list.

These themes are presented in no particular order.

Goals for Children

Learning Bible Study and Application

Bible context and Scripture; Bible Literacy; use resources to make spiritually applicable; learn about God through the Bible, Bible Stories; Bible History; What is the Bible context now; wisdom; Jesus.

Knowing Quaker Faith and Practice

Quaker faith and values; inclusive language; how/when to speak in open worship; girls and boys valued equally, see God in everyone; youth Quaker membership class (Quaker heritage)

Asking Questions and Thinking Critically

Handling challenges to faith; space for questions/thinking; okay to ask questions; safe place tp struggle with beliefs; think for yourself; avoid blame/guilt and self-righteousness

Putting Faith into Practice

Jesus as guide to living life; youth have a cross-cultural experience; service to others; implementing peace and social justice practices; compassion; service; making choices; walking our talk in the 21st Century

Finding the Light of God in All People

Respect and honor; tolerance and understanding of others' faith traditions; religious diversity and world religions

Celebrating Our Life Together

Music and fun; songs; Bible verses and stories; Christmas pageant; Easter egg hunt; Music

God Loves You

God loves us and we love each other; Loved by God; God is love and God loves me