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For years, we held our our meeting for worship on Christmas Eve at 11:00pm. That way, we emerged from worship into Christmas Day. But 11:00pm is awfully late. Now we gather for worship at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve, and emerge from worship with the spirit of Christmas Day in our hearts.

Christmas Eve

By December 24th, the day is soon dark. Here in Portland, the sun sets about 4:30pm. When we gather for worship at 6:00pm, the light seems more precious somehow.

Candlelight is an important part of our meeting for worship on Christmas Eve. We sing the familiar songs of Christmas, each one of us illuminated by a small candle in our hands.

In addition to singing by candlelight, we spend time in expectant silence. We hear stories. It is a beautiful night, and one of the few times that people come to meeting for worship in their pajamas. Most of those doing so are under 10. But we've never set an age limit.