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Twice a year, the Stewards schedule an All Church Work Day. We schedule one for late April. We schedule another for mid-November.

All Church Work Day

As Quakers, we emphasize that the building is not the "church." At the same time, our life together is enhanced by the property we share. In the late 1980's, NW Yearly Meeting planted half a dozen churches. West Hills Friends is one of two that remain in operation. Both of the surveying churches had buildings in which to meet.

Buildings shelter our meetings for worship, committee meetings, discussion groups, sing-a-longs, and potluck meals. We can offer the resource of our buildings to 12-step groups and neighbors.

To maintain our property, we have to keep a certain depth of wood chips around the playground. We have to prune branches, rake leaves and clean the gutters. We have to maintain the blacktop. We have to eliminate the expired food from our community refrigerators. From time to time, the nursery, library and storage room need to be scoured.

This is work we do together! Each spring and fall, the Stewards prepare a list of what needs to happen. People of all ages are invited to help with the work. Many hands make light work.