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The All Church Retreat is in April. Because Easter often falls on a Sunday in April, the exact weekend has changed from year to year. In 2017, our Retreat is April 7-9.


In 2016, Nancy Bowen was our facility, and the theme was, "Rethinking How We Read the Bible." Nancy is a professor at Earlham School of Religion.

In 2015, Brian and Darcy Drayton were our facilitators, and the theme was, "A Language for the Inward Landscape." The Draytons are members of New England Yearly Meeting.

In 2014, Irv Brendlinger was scheduled to be our facilitator, but was unable to attend.

In 2013, Marge Abbott was our facilitator, and the theme was, "On Being a Caring Community." Marge is a Quaker author and member of Multnomah Meeting. She helped us consider how to develop Care Committees in our community.

In 2012, Portland artist Candace Primack was our facilitator, and the theme was, "Sacred Space." Take a look at our slides of "Sacred Space" from a variety of different cultures.

In 2011, Wess Daniels was our facilitator, and the theme was, "John Woolman: A Call Answered."

In 2010, Caryl Menkhus was our facilitator, and the theme was, "Engaging the Bible through Godly Play."

In 2009, Ross & Nancy Miller were our facilitators, and the theme was, "Living 'Sustainably' as a Spiritual Practice."

In 2008, Howard Macy was our facilitator, and the theme was, "Living the Testimonies."

In 2007, Colin Saxton was our facilitator, and the theme was, "Callings, Gifts and Concerns."

All Church Retreat

The All Church Retreat gives us plenty of time invest in relationship. We eat our meals together, we play, we worship, we encounter one another on camp trails or at the beach. All this time in community is the main purpose of Retreat. We want everyone from the WHF community to attend (which is why we call it the "All Church Retreat!"). You can register online or ask Greg for a registration form. If finances are a concern, talk to Greg about scholarship funds. No one should miss this event because of money!

Each year, the Elders select a theme for Retreat, inviting someone to facilitate our exploration of that theme. The theme for 2017 is "Trust: A Risk and an Opportunity." Eric Muhr, the Publisher at Barclay Press, will be our facilitator.

Exploring the theme is just one part of our All Church Retreat. There is also meeting for worship, free time, Coffee House, and the legendary UNTalent Show. Download the Schedule of Events. More information (facilities, meals, childcare, etc.) is available in the Camp Brochure.

You might also enjoy visiting the Website for Twin Rocks Friends Camp. After you start to feel at home in the Camp, you (or your children) may want to attend other events at this beautiful, hospitable place.