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On the last Sunday of each month, we gather for a potluck meal after our meeting for worship.

If you have questions about cleanup, please talk to Rachel Hampton.


Potluck is a great opportunity to build relationships. Sit at a table with someone you'd like to know better, and say, "Hello!"

As part of our potluck gathering, we sing "happy birthday" to everyone who celebrated a birthday that month. After you hear our, um... innovative... version of the birthday song, you will certainly feel a year older. And after all that silliness, you won't have to worry about social awkwardness in a group of almost-strangers. We blew past that territory with the opening song!

Please consider bringing food to share! If you make something, please consider creating a small label, listing ingredients. This is a gesture of hospitality for those who may be worried about food allergies.

We are grateful for those who help make potluck possible. Every potluck requires volunteers for setup and cleanup.