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Maplewood Cleanup Day is on the last Sunday of August. Please bring your gardening tools. Wheelbarrows are especially needed!

Maplewood Cleanup

Maplewood Elementary School is across the street from our meeting house. There are historic ties between the neighborhood school and church.

Most significantly, the neighborhood's original school building was moved onto our lot in the 1920's. Eventually, a volunteer-run Sunday school program led to the formation of a neighborhood church. When we started West Hills Friends in 1988, we were still using the old schoolhouse for Sunday school and potlucks. Sadly, the old building had deteriorated so badly, it had to be demolished in 2001.

At about this time, Portland Public Schools asked local communities for help. The school district needed volunteers to prepare school grounds across the city for the resumption of classes. West Hills Friends agreed to coordinate the work for Maplewood. For over a decade, we have joined our neighbors to prune, spread wood chips, paint and pull weeds. After working together, our meeting provides a potluck lunch.

We'd love to have you join us!