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The Peace & Justice Short Film Festival is scheduled near the end of the year.

Short Film Festival

Short films have become an important tool for communicating ideas. Social media makes it easy for a film to go "viral." Often, a popular film attracts the attention of mainstream news media, which draws even more viewers to the film. In 2012, for example, a film calling for military action against Joseph Kony drew a million viewers in only a few days.

West Hills Friends established the Peace & Justice Short Film Festival in 2011. The film festival allows us to view films that offer good information, inspire action and make good use of the visual media. The festival is also meant to highlight the great potential for this method of communication.

All those who attend the Film Festival receive a ballot. The film that receives the highest score is awarded the "Palme d'Trembler." We contact the filmmaker, to inform them of their glorious victory.

In 2014, the Palme d'Trembler went to Proud to Be, a film protesting the name, "Redskins," as a team mascot.

This event didn't happen in 2013.

In 2012, the Palme d'Trembler went to Troy Library Project, a film about savvy guerrilla action to save a local library.

In 2011, the Palme d'Trembler went to Always My Son, a film about family love triumphing over homophobia.

If you're a filmmaker, please consider sending us your work!