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We celebrate "Equality Sabbath" on the fourth Sunday of January.

Equality Sabbath

Each January, we join with other faith communities to celebrate "Equality Sabbath." As we gather for worship that day, we celebrate the equality of ALL people. We remember that we're all children of God, and brothers and sisters to one another.

Our observance of the Martin Luther King holiday in January informs our equality sabbath. So does our connection to Community of Welcoming Congregations. At West Hills Friends, we welcome LGBTQ people as equals. Because January is "Peace Month" in NW Yearly Meeting, we have another good reason to remember our equality with one another.

We celebrated our first Equality Sabbath in 2011. We dedicated a rainbow banner (displayed in the entryway of our meeting house) and introduced a new song to our community. In 2012, we heard about a misunderstood dragon and talked about the vision behind our adaptation of the Benedictine cross.