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The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for the Saturday before Easter. Our champion Egg Hunters gather their eggs in the blink of an eye, so be punctual! Latecomers will arrive to find the Field of Eggs swept clean, as if by locusts.

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year, volunteers from West Hills Friends donate bags and bags of weather-resistant candy. Candy is placed inside the plastic shells of artificial eggs. These eggs are then distributed to various Egg Preserves. When the weather cooperates, Egg Preserves are located outside. If the rain is unrelenting, then the Egg Preserves are inside the meeting house and community building. In either case, the eggs are are tucked into nooks and crannies, windowsills, foliage, or left In Plain Sight.

Egg Hunters are divided into three age groups Each age group is given its own Egg Preserve in which to hunt. The youngest hunters tend to be the least competitive. In fact, these small Friends may lose interest in the hunt after obtaining an egg for each hand. Those in the oldest group take such pride in their keen eyesight and quick reflexes that they only compete against one another. The middle group is somewhere in the middle.

As Egg Hunters return with their prizes, parents often wander into the deserted Egg Preserves, in search of Overlooked Eggs. Parents are free to enjoy the candy that they find in this way.

Egg Hunters are asked to bring a container from home. All plastic eggs are returned at the end of the hunt, to be used again next year.