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Easter happens in the spring, but the exact date varies from year to year. Thanks to the Council of Nicea (in 325), the process is rather arcane.

During the winter months, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. On the spring equinox, the earth's equator is aligned with the sun. Then, as the year progresses, the northern hemisphere will face the sun, bringing us the months of summer.

Easter is always scheduled for whichever Sunday follows the first full moon that occurs after the spring equinox.


Easter is an important day on every Christian calendar. At West Hills Friends, we like to celebrate with an exuberant melodrama. This has been our tradition since 2004. In the climactic moment of that first melodrama, everyone threw pingpong balls at a figure of death.

We involve at least ten people in the cast. We've had some amazing stage sets, from a passenger train to a 1950's-era pizza shop. There's singing. Sometimes there are balloons. Or pie. It's an extravaganza, but we have good reason to celebrate: The resurrection of Christ assures us that life is victorious over death; hope is victorious over despair; joy is victorious over sorrow.

We always like to have fun, but Easter is one day each year when fun is our first priority. If you'd like to be part of the next melodrama, please let us know!

Before our meeting for worship, we gather for Easter breakfast. Cornmeal pancakes are part of the tradition. We also have "regular" pancakes and juice. Sometimes, we have sausage. Sometimes, we have potatoes.

On the Saturday before Easter, the children are invited to an Easter Egg Hunt.