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We form Dinner Groups each January. If you'd like to participate, please look for signup sheets in the bulletin.

Dinner Groups

Every year, we invite everyone in the community to participate in a Dinner Group.

Dinner Groups are comprised of about 4 "family units" (which may be couples, individuals, or a pod of insectile aliens connected by a single hive-mind). Groups can meet in one anotherŐs homes, or schedule a gathering in the WHF Community Building. Most groups will meet four times, over the course of four months, with each family serving as "host" on one occasion.

Because of pet allergies, circadian rhythms and the potential for happy chaos whenever small children are in the room, we try to place participants within their stated comfort zones. Otherwise, the assignments are random.

Dinner Groups are a great way to deepen your connection to other people in the community. There may be queries for you to consider as a group, or you may prefer to select your own topic.

Please consider getting involved!