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Sally is the clerk of our Story Committee. She works to oversee the publication of our journal, Minding the Light. If you have a story to tell, please talk to Sally.

Sally Gillette


Sally has been attending West Hills Friends since 1988. John Woolman is the Quaker that Sally admires most. She notes, "I'm drawn to him because of his humbleness, orientation to the Light, and respect for others. He paid attention to dreams too."

In the movie version of WHF, Sally will be played by Diane Keaton.

If you enjoy some delicious cheese bread at the WHF potluck, you may have Sally to thank. This is the dish that she'd most like to serve at potluck.

Sally believes God can be known through experience and that stories of God's interactions with us are a bright source of Light. Dreams are a frequent source of Light for her. Dreams flow through her inner landscape like a bright river.