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Mike is a highly caffeinated pastor, webmaster, crash-test dummy, volunteer coordinator and lawn ornament. He'd love to meet you for coffee.

Mike Huber


When I was in grade school, I used to watch a television show called, "Insight." It was a lot like "Twilight Zone" seen through the lens of Catholic theology. In one episode, God restores the sight of a blind painter. In another episode, an angelic bureaucrat helps people decide upon their eternal destination. To this day, I am drawn to parables as the building blocks of faith.

I found a spiritual home with the Quakers when I was 18. I like being with people who listen and trust God to lead. I have a philosophy degree from Portland State University and a "Divinitatis Magistrum" to show for my three years at Princeton Seminary. Right after graduating from seminary, I helped start West Hills Friends. I've been a pastor for over half my life.

John Woolman is the Quaker I admire most. But if I ever get access to a time machine, I am going to follow Mary Fisher through the Ottoman Empire.

My wife, Erica, teaches art. We've been married for 27 years. We have two children in college.