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Mark is our youth pastor and children's program coordinator. If you have questions about the Sunday school program or youth events, please talk to Mark.

Mark Pratt-Russum


When I was eight years old I took my first trip to the West. For a week, I camped with family in Yosemite National Park. During that week, I spent a lot of time with two adventurous teenage boys. On one particular morning, we scrambled along the massive boulders that lined a not so accurately named "Dinky Creek." Our hope was to find a place calm enough to fish.

We found that place. Minutes later, my tiny hands held in the shallow water of the shore the most beautiful creature I had ever seen: a rainbow trout. When I think of it now, I can remember almost everything about that moment. I remember the pinkish red scales and the shimmering greens of its body, I remember the surprise at how calm and restful it seemed, and I remember my senses honing in on the smell of the air, the cool wind on my sweaty forehead.

I share this story because I look at it as a threshold in my life. It became the beginning of this journey I have been on since.

I am a lover of creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. I am a lover of the creatures that call those places home. I am a lover of the God who created them all.

What I learned alongside that creek in Yosemite is that God is full of wonder, a wonder that is present to us everyday of our lives.

A little more about me... I am married to a crafty, artistic and lovely lady, named Beth. We live in the Mt. Tabor area with our golden retriever, "Oliver" (His namesake is Mary Oliver, ha!). We fell in love with Oregon after our four months at the Oregon Extension (see the link on the left), and always felt like we would eventually call it home!

I enjoy: cooking, reading, writing, photography, fishing, baseball, gardening, bookstores, cabins, and coffee, to name a few.

I would love the opportunity to meet you! Whatcha' say we do coffee sometime?