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Kay is the clerk of our Peace Committee. If you have ideas for promoting peace and justice, please talk to Kay.

Kay also coordinates flowers for the worship area.

Kay Ellison


Kay has been attending West Hills Friends since 1995. Margaret Fell is the Quaker that Kay admires most. She notes, "She had been part of The Establishment, being married to a judge, but broke out of what was expected to host George Fox and later marry him. I admire that she spoke out for God, even though it caused her to go to prison for 10 years."

In the movie version of WHF, Kay predicts Julie Andrews will portray her.

If you enjoy Saltenas (a Bolivian meat pie usually eaten at breakfast) at the WHF potluck, you may have Kay to thank. This is the dish that she'd most like to serve at potluck.

Kay's husband has helped her notice that her favorite phrase is, "I want to go there!" She loves learning and traveling.