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Greg is the clerk of our Elders committee.

Greg Morgan


Greg has been attending West Hills Friends since 2002, having previously attended another Quaker meeting since 1992.

After a 30+ year career in consulting, largely at the intersection of healthcare and information technology, Greg is currently on "midlife sabbatical" and listening for what comes next. He will begin a M.Div. program at the Earlham School of Religion in August 2013.

Greg looks forward to becoming more deeply immersed in the history and personalities of the Quaker tradition as part of his M.Div. program. At the moment, George Fox is the Quaker that Greg admires most, for his desire and courage to seek an authentic faith and relationship with God in spite of his experience of "cold formalism and power politics inside the church and empty pleasure-seeking outside the church."

In the movie version of WHF, Greg hopes that Kevin Costner (as Crash Davis in "Bull Durham") will portray him: passionate and principled in pursuit of his life's mission, wearing the scars of experience with grace, but also a little profane and fun to hang out with.

Greg's ideal contribution to potluck would be fruits or vegetables of the season from the farmers' market, prepared simply to bring out their best. Since it is May as this is being written, Greg would bring strawberries or asparagus.

Everybody's (including Greg's) favorite fun fact about Greg is that he is married to Diane Morgan, cookbook author and partner-in-life extraordinaire.